2020 Annual Company Summary

2020, for our Hamburg-based company HAMKAI and Chinese subsidiary SEEKK, it is a remarkable business year.

In the shadow of COVID19 pandemic and the global recession, our business continued to grow. Thanks to our digital competence, we are well-connected with our clients and partners within and outside of China.

Success with our client in E-Commerce

In Sept.2020, our Chinese company SEEKK was certified as official TP Partner of Tmall Global and launched the first Tmall Global Shop with our client Venta Airwasher, which is completely operated by our in-house team, we achieved very impressive and exponential growth beyond any expectation in very short time.

Venta is our first quasi full-case brand that we support to launch in China(we are engaged not only in the operation of JD and Tmall shops as a TP, but also in brand marketing concept for the market entry stage. Thanks to the excellent cooperation of Venta E-Com Team, all tasks were pushed forward without any time lost.

Worth to mention, we achieved all the results without even meeting in person due to the travel limitation, for me it is a fantastic experience and classic business case.  We can believe in total that trust can be built and great business can be done together without a physical meet.

Our client FONDOF has achieved significant digital sales growth with our support of digital brand building in China, particularly with the help of influencer marketing projects in the last two years. Next year, we will put more efforts for influencer marketing as requested by FONDOF.

Our partner Dulanda GmbH relaunched the superfood and health food concept Minutenbrot in Germany and China in 2020 successfully with our inputs of marketing. In Germany, Dulanda achieved break-through sales with bulk orders from major distributors. The strategy and approach developed in China has substantial impact of the brand building in Germany. In China, there was some delay due to the export regulations. „Next year will be our year” said the CEO of Dulanda GmbH to me in his new year greeting words on WeChat.

In early 2021, we will get our team ready to support a UK-based natural cosmetic brand to enter the Chinese market. This is our first full-case client outside of continental Europe. We define four big task areas for our client:  

  • Project Block A:business planning
  • Project Block B: operation of flagship stores on marketplaces
  • Project Block C: Building-up distribution network
  • Project Block D: Brand Building & Marketing for market entry (including influencer marketing & content marketing

I hope that our team can help the client launch the brand successfully in 2021 with our experiences from finished projects.


Our structure for the future as a service provider



Our company is without boundary-less we go anywhere as soon as our client need us to go. That is why we can growth with our client. However, as a small company we have to think about our major shape and structure for the future. In 2020, we restructured our service in two major topic categories.


No.1 is the digital marketing services.

We serve as a digital marketing agency and has three major business fields.

Paid performance marketing, majorly search engine marketing and feed marketing.

Content marketing, majorly user generated content, including search engine optimization on 3rd party web portals.

Influencer cooperation, also called KOL marketing in China (Key Opinion Leader)

Traditional topics e.g. E-mail marketing or affiliate marketing are not more relevant. Actually, most of clients for digital marketing services are from the B2B industries, such as automotive suppliers, scientific instrument, automation component suppliers, or chemical suppliers. They are so-called hidden champions by Professor Hermann Simon.

Our experience and services help the hidden champion companies to achieve more marketing success in China online. Since 2020, we are happy to serve the following companies as new clients.

  • ITD GmbH 
  • RRC power solutions GmbH
  • Heraeus Holding GmbH
  • Röchling Automotive SE & Co. KG

Our oldest marketing client is Dr. Hesse Tierpharma GmbH & Co. KG, who has already stayed with us since 2014. We started to serve TESTO Instruments for search engine marketing since 2017. As soon as TESTO decided to go ahead with us in 2021, we did not lose client in 2020.

No.2 is the E-commerce services, majorly as TP for Tmall and JD.

The Venta shop is our first experience with home appliance category. The customer service is a real challenge, it is much more complicated than categories cosmetic, FMCG, food or nutrition. In order to provide a better customer experience, we did a lot effort to train our customer service agents.

2020 is a tough business year with a lot of uncertainty, great leadership skills are needed to manage and go through the crisis. We hope each of our client and partners will do better in 2021 and we are ready to support.

We supported a client from Automotive industry to build an enterprise Taobao shop in 2020, we hope the project could be reactivated sometime in the future. 

Personally I had very few holidays but a lot of harvest.

Our core team has grown to more than 10 persons for the 1st time, we rent two new rooms as offices, and we won more partners to server our clients together.

For 2021, I wish we can achieve following goals.

  • Develop standards and Optimize processes for each tasks areas
  • Implement not only KPI but also OKR system in our organization
  • Enhance our team with experienced and senior members
  • Develop more external partners (capacity) to serve our clients
  • In  E-Commerce, we aim to help 2 to 3 full-case clients to launch their brands successfully in China
  • In digital marketing, we aim to win 4 to 6 new industry clients on board
  • Hire 1 or 2 German interns to work in China
  • Promote our company reputation in the industry to improve our own service profit margin.


Goodbye,2020, see you never!


Hello, 2021, behind every good luck is three times  hard work.

Thank you everybody for your trust and help.


Kai Ding

Founder  and Owner of HAMKAI GmbH