If you are interested in this project, please contact us as soon as possible. We would like to introduce more information. My client is looking for the buyer urgently due to an upcoming forced auction. However, a minimal investment of 650K EURO is strongly expected.

We are now marketing this project to investors in Germany, Maldives and China as well.

Resources of Rowa Islands


  • 1 complete island group
  • 12 islands
  • 5 km soft and delicate white sand beach
  • 9 km diameter lagoon (lagoon)
  • 12 km beautiful coastline
  • 30 km beautiful coral reef
  • 1,000,000 square meters (1 square kilometer) of island land area
  • 30,000,000 square meters (30 square kilometers) of turquoise blue, shallow lagoon for real estate development

Rowa island is the First Class South Seas: One of the last paradises on our planet

Entire island groups are extremely rare on the market and are hardly ever as exceptionally beautiful as the Rowa Islands archipelago in Vanuatu, the likes of which are sought after worldwide. The

archipelago for sale unites the beach quality of the Maldives with the volcano cone-shaped landscape of Bora Bora.

The Rowa Islands consist of 15 islands with 10 km long oceanfront and 4 km of beaches with white sand, as well as a respective 30 km long coral reef that belongs to the island group. It is truly a unique object in an idyllic and untouched stretch of ocean in the South Seas, surrounded by cone-shaped extinct volcanoes. Building a single resort on one’s own coral archipelago would set new

standards in the high-end hotel business, which would be impossible to top. This is also true because a private island could serve as a larger unit. Both the land area of around 1,000,000 sq. meters and lagoon of around 30,000,000 sq. meters belonging to the islands, with its continuous flat turquoise water, are virtually predestined for expansive, generous development with diverse types of villas. A balanced, appealing mix of waterfront villas, hybrid villas, half on the shore and half overlooking the lagoon and especially villa’s overlooking the water are recommended. Similar to the Maldives, the

tidal range is very low in this region of the earth. The ROWA  Islands are between approximately 2 and 20 meters (Ayo Islands) high and with tens of thousands of full-grown coconut palm trees, as well as numerous, jungle giants several meters thick.

With a very generous and spacious development and presumably only 100 very luxurious villas, completely constructed with the finest wood, each villa would have allocated land of around 10,000 sq. meters as well as an allocated lagoon area of around 300,000 sq. meters per villa, which guarantees the greatest possible privacy and exclusivity. A resort to be planned with, in part, hotel chain-managed private residences, should set new and quite unsurpassable standards with regard to beauty and privacy. A corresponding service for this unique exclusivity should be ensured by the management one of the most renowned luxury hotel companies. Given the size and beauty, it is a unique opportunity with extraordinarily great development potential in one of the largest tax havens

of the world.

Enjoy Vanuatu's duty-free shopping policy, which is expected to be worth between $1 billion and $2 billion after completion.

Rare islands, there have never been such a complete group of islands on the market, and on our planet we can hardly find a second, shallow, well-preserved, turquoise-like lagoon with a length of 30 square kilometers. Islands.

Other islands that rival the project, only the beautiful Seychelles and the Maldives, are a combination of shallow coral islands and green volcanic cones, and only Bora Bora is comparable in the world. Only Rowa in Vanuatu

Islands, because they are the only coral island in Vanuatu.

Sales of Ro Island with a minimal price of 650 EURO

Geplantes Resort-Projekt auf Rowa islands
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Rowa Resort Development Plan
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